Events were verified at the time of inclusion in the list, but are always subject to change,
rescheduling or cancellation, sometimes at short notice.
Also some events are subject to
NOTAMs or Information Circulars (AICs)


Please tell me of any events you hear about (if possible with on-line contact details such as website or e-mail), so I can verify and add them to the list. I welcome news of air-sport, general aviation and public events such as fly-ins, air shows, exhibitions, competitions, etc, anywhere in the world.

Please e-mail any additions or corrections direct to me
and not to the RAeC Secretary's office or the LAA Office or Magazine Editor:
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The listing includes some major sports events which generate significant aviation activity, sometimes including temporary heliports or landing strips.

Some airfields also host several non-aviation events. These are included in the listing only when they affect flying activity. At other times they may affect access for road visitors. These include Popham, Sandown, Goodwood, Headcorn and Barton.

Telephone numbers are for the UK. From other countries, replace first 0 with +44

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GASCo have resumed their programme of Seminars and Safety Presentation Evenings. They are also arranging a series of on-line events, see their website for details.
GASCo Events.

For the requirements and guidance for organising all types of aviation events in the UK, see CAA publication CAP 403.
Also CAP1724 on Display Pilot Authorisation
Click here for a link to download PDF copies of these CAPs.

For extensive lists of balloon events, see:
UK Ballooning Calendar - JEM Ballooning
Easy Balloons | Balloon Meets & Events
hot air balloon events festival list (not updated for 2021 or 22)

For an extensive list of model flying contests and events, see:
the British Model Flying Association calendar.

The Royal Aeronautical Society and its local Branches organise an extensive series of public lectures and conferences on a variety of aviation topics.
These are held at several venues throughout the UK and abroad, see:
Royal Aeronautical Society Events List

The Red Arrows and other current and historic military aircraft
take part in airshows and solo performances throughout much of the year including some at non-airfield venues.
Their schedules are listed on:
These have been included below but are subject to possible updates. All are subject to amendment.
Also there are some other private performances at unpublicised military venues.

Though largely in abeyance at present in the UK, some Coronavirus restrictions are likely to continue, and there is always the possibility of a recurrence triggering reimposition.

GA flying has resumed as well as gliding and parachuting, though several airfields still have restrictions on spectators and casual visitors by road.

Several larger air shows and events are booking-in-advance only for spectators.

Many events are subject to restrictions both before and after, and are PPR.

1-11 Isle of Man   TT Motorcycle Races [see AIC M035/2023 & Y043/2023] (inc Red Arrows Jn 8)  
8 Douglas, IoM   TT Red Arrows Seafront Show (@1930) [see AIC M031/2023](Red Arrows)  
8-10 Sywell   AeroExpo & RotorTech [see AIC M026/2023]  
9-11 Guernsey   Guernsey Rally [pre book]  
9-11 Newark   Retro Festival inc Airshow  
10 Woodford   Red Arrows ? [see AIC M056/2023](Red Arrows)  
10 Old Warden   Shuttleworth Eurofox Fly-in [PPR] [see AIC Y020/2023]  
10-11 Sellindge Showground   Folkestone & Ashford Military Show (inc BBMF)  
11 Cosford   RAF Air Show [pre book] [see AIC M056/2023 & M060/2023](inc Red Arrows & BBMF)  
11 Priory Farm, Tibenham   PFA Summer Fly-in & BBQ [PPR]  
14-16 Bodmin   ULM Club Visit from Amiens  
14-19 Newport, IoW   Isle of Wight Music Festival [see AIC M045/2023]  
16-18 St Michael's   NWMAC Microlight Wings & Wheels  
16-18 Weston Park, Shifnal   Model Air Show  
16-18 Cleethorpes   NE Lincs Armed Forces Days [see AIC M052/2023](inc BBMF 18)  
16-18 Yafforth, Northallerton   PRBA Henge Hoppers Ballloon Meet  
16-18 Clitheroe   NWBAC Balloon Meet  
17 East Anglia-Buckingham Palace
W&S of London
  Trooping The Colour Fly-past (@ 1300) (inc Red Arrows)  
17 Southsea Common   Portsmouth Armed Forces Day (inc BBMF)  
17 Old Warden   Shuttleworth Best of British Evening Air Show [see AIC M010/2023 & Y020/2023]  
17 Farway Common   LAA Devon Strut Fly-in [PPR]  
17 Middlezoy   Middlezoy Fly-in [PPR]  
17 Wickenby   Vintage Piper Aircraft Club Fly-in  
17 Kilkeel, NI   Mourne FC Charity Fly-in & BBQ  
17 Sywell   Europa Club Annual Dinner [PPR]  
17-18 White Waltham   Air Britain 75th Anniv Fly-in [PPR]  
17-18 Bicester   Flywheel Heritage Wings & Wheels Event [pre-book]  
17-18 Thruxton   Circuit Car Races - Airfield Closed  
17-25 Aston Down   BGA Gliding Competition  
18-27 Glastonbury   Music Festival [see AIC M053/2023]  
20 Rochester   GASCo Safety Evening  
20-22 Enstone North (night-stops)   DH Moth Club Tour (to Popham-Shobdon-Hus Bos 21, Fenland-Hinderclay-Old Warden 22)[PPR]  
20-24 Ascot Racecourse   Royal Ascot Horse Race Meeting [see AIC Y029/2023 & M058/2023]  
21 Shobdon   Longest Day Fly-in [PPR]  
23-25 Draycot Farm, Swindon   Fly-in [PPR]  
24 Easter   Summer Fly-in [PPR]  
24 Falmouth   Armed Forces Day National Event [see AIC M056/2023 &M059/2023](inc Red Arrows & BBMF)  
24 Littlehampton   Armed Forces Day (inc BBMF)  
24 Headcorn   Armed Forces Day  
24-25 Several venues   Armed Forces Days (some involving flying events)  
24-25 Duxford   IWM Summer Air Show [pre book] [see AIC M056/2023 & M060/2023](inc Red Arrows 25)  
24-25 Sollas, North UIst   SAC & LAA Highland Strut Beach Landing (PPR)  
24-25 Breighton   VAC Fly-in [PPR]  
15-16 Sandown   Museum 1940's Event [PPR]  
24-25 Fenland   BAeA Aerobatics Competition [see AIC Y019/2023]  
24-25 Church Fenton - Leeds East   RRRA Air Race [see AIC M058/2023]  
24-25 Newark   Air Museum Cockpit Fest & Aeroboot Sale  
25 Folkestone   Armed Forces Day (inc BBMF)  
24-Jy 2 Bidford   BGA Gliding Competitions  
27-Jy 2 Henley-on-Thames   Henley Rowing Regatta  
28-Jy 2 Wingland nr Holbeach >
Manston (beside Museum)
  British Open Paramotor Ch'ships [relocated]  
29 Lower Swanwick, Hants   GASCo/Andark Ditching & Sea Survival Seminar  
30-Jy 2 Headcorn   Battle Of Britain Air Show [see AIC M054/2023 & M056/2023](inc Red Arrows 2 & BBMF 2)  
1 Middle Wallop   Army Flying Museum Wings & Wheels Show  
1 Blenheim Palace   Battle Proms Concert  
1 Popham   Hon. Company of Air Pilots Fly-in  
1 Compton Abbas   Vintage Fly-in [PPR]  
1 Teignmouth   Sea Front Air Show [see AIC M038/2023 & M056/2023](inc Red Arrows & BBMF)  
1 Westonzoyland   Scrumpy & Cheese Fly-in [PPR]  
1-2 Swansea Bay   Wales Seafront Air Show [see AIC M056/2023](inc Red Arrows & BBMF)  
1-2 Capel, Surrey   Military Show  
1-2 Shobdon   Food & Flying Festival [PPR] [CANCELLED]  
1-2 Lamb Holm   Orkney Fly-in [PPR 01856-781310]  
1-2 New Farm, Piddington, Northants   SSDR & Sub-70kg Rally  
1-8 North Hill   Gliding Competition Enterprise  
1-9 Shenington   BGA Gliding Competition  
2 Old Warden   Shuttleworth Military Air Show [see AIC M010/2023 & Y020/2023]  
2 Seething   Waveney FG Fly-in [no visitors by road PPR by air 01502-476200/07788-870853]  
7-8 Church Fenton- - Leeds East   Private Flyer Fest North & Elite Events Show  
7-9 Sleap   Sleapkosh Fly-in & Show [PPR]  
7-9 Silverstone   Car Races F1 British Grand Prix [see AIC M056/2023] (inc BBMF 8 & Red Arrows 9)  
7-10 Various Yorkshire (inc Breighton)   Aeronca Club Yorkshire Tour  
8 Breighton   G-George Day Classic Aircraft Event & Hangar Party  
8 Monewden   LAA Suffolk Coastal Strut Spirit of Boxted Fly-in [PPR]  
8 Enstone North   LAA Oxford Strut Cream Tea Fly-in [PPR]  
8 Waddington   RAF Families Day (not Public) [see AIC M056/2023](inc Red Arrows)  
8 Burleigh House   Battle Proms Concert  
8 Leeds Castle, Kent   Concert  
8 Chelsfield   Village Fair with Airshow  
8 Manchester   Pilot Careers Exhibition [pre-book]  
8-9 Leicester   BAeA Aerobatics Competition [see AIC Y019/2023]  
8-9 Heveningham Hall   Country Fair & Concours  
8-9 Thruxton   Circuit Car Races - Airfield Closed  
8-16 Husbands Bosworth   BGA Gliding Competitions - Nationals  
10 Gamston   GASCo Safety Evening [pre-book]  
13-16 Goodwood   Motor Circuit Festival of Speed [see AIC M056/2023](inc Red Arrows 13-14)  
14-15 Uttoxeter Racecourse   Staffordshire Balloon Fiesta  
14-16 Fairford   Royal Int Air Tattoo (inc Red Arrows & BBMF)  
14-16 Layburn   PRBA Balloon Meet  
14-16 Henley-on-Thames   Thames Traditonal Boat Festival with Air Show  
15 Hatfield House   Battle Proms Concert  
15 Old Warden   Shuttleworth Summer Picnic Evening Air Show [see AIC M010/2023 & Y020/2023]  
15 Northrepps   Vintage Piper Aircraft Club Fly-in  
15 Deenethorpe   Flexwing Microlight Fly-in (01832-205054)  
15 Uttoxeter Racecourse   Staffordshire Balloon Fiesta  
15-16 Church Fenton   Flying Legends Air Show (inc BBMF)  
15-16 North Coates   Wings & Wheels Event  
15-16 Bodmin   L-Bird Military Wings & Wheels [PPR]  
15-16 Sandown   Midsummer Flamping Fly-in & BBQ [PPR]  
15-16 Wolverhampton - Halfpenny Green   1940's Weekender Fly-in & Hangar Dance [PPR]  
15-16 New Farm, Piddington, Northants   CFM Shadow Owners Club 40th Anniv Gathering [PPR]  
16-23 Hoylake   Open Golf Ch'ship [see AIC M036/2023]  
16-24 Peterhead   Scottish Week Events (inc Red Arrows & BBMF 21)  
20-23 Sleap   BAeA Aerobatics Adv & Ultd Nationals [see AIC Y019/2023]  
20-27 Nympsfield   VGC Vintage Glider Rendezvous  
21 Peterhead   Scottish Week Air Show [see AIC M056/2023](inc Red Arrows)  
21-23 Oaksey Park   Luscombe & Friends Fly-in [PPR]  
22 Newbury Showground   Summer Fest with Air Show  
22 Lossiemouth   RAF Families Day (not public) [see AIC M056/2023](inc Red Arrows)  
22-23 Old Warden   Shuttleworth Scale Model Show [closed to visiting aircraft] [see AIC Y020/2023]  
22-24 Wingland nr Holbeach   Short Field Shenanigans STOL Fly-in [PPR]  
22-30 Dunstable   BGA Gliding Competitions  
23 Stow Maries   Propwash Air Festival [pre-book]  
23 Woodchurch   Wings & Things Show  
23-24 Irvine   Making Waves Music Event with Seaside Airshow (inc BBMF & Red Arrows 23)  
27 Honington   RAF Families Day (not public) [see AIC M056/2023](inc Red Arrows)  
28 Duxford   IWM Flying Day - The Americans [pre-book]  
28 Coningsby   RAF Families Day (not public) [see AIC M056/2023](inc Red Arrows)  
29 Otherton   Aeroprakt Fly-in [PPR]  
29 Highclere Castle   Battle Proms Concert  
29-30 Old Buckenham   Old Buck Air Show [see AIC M056/2023](inc Red Arrows & BBMF 29)  
29-30 Middlezoy   Somerset Aerofest [PPR]  
29-30 Easter   LAA Highland Strut Fly-in [PPR]  
29-30 Thruxton   Circuit Car Races - Airfield Closed  
29-Au 4 Cowes   Cowes Week Yacht Races  
29-Au 5 Swanage   Swanage Carnival inc Sea-front Air Show  
29-Au 6 Aston Down   VGC Vintage Glider International Rally  
30 Lundy Island   Lundy Fly-in [PPR essential]  
1 Popham   Hon Company of Air Pilots Fly-in  
4-5 Compton Abbas   BAeA Aerobatics Competition [see AIC Y019/2023]  
5 East Kirkby   Lincs AHC Museum Air Show  
5 Ardingly Showground   Summer Fest with Air Show  
5-6 Dunkeswell   Airfield 80th Anniv & LAA Devon Strut Fly-in [PPR]  
5-6 Stow Maries   Call to Arms 1914 Re-enactment  
5-6 Rufforth East   Fly-in & Meet the LAA [PPR]  
5-6 New Farm, Piddington   X'Air, Skyranger, Shadow Fly-in [PPR by air & road]  
6 Old Warden   Shuttleworth Carnival Air Show [see AIC M010/2023 & Y020/2023]  
5-13 Keevil   BGA Gliding Competitions  
5-13 Dunstable   BGA Gliding Competitions  
5-13 Lasham   BGA Gliding Competitions  
9 Popham   Disabled Children Flying Day [Closed to Other Aircraft]  
10-13 Ashton Court   Bristol Balloon Fiesta  
10-13 Old Warden   Shuttleworth NSRA Hot Rod Car Event [public 13]  
11-13 Newbury Showground   Retro Festival inc Airshow  
11-13 Thruxton   Circuit Superbike Races - Airfield Closed  
12 Shobdon   Vintage Piper Aircraft Club Fly-in [PPR]  
12 Duxford   IWM Flying Day - 19 Squadron Commem [pre-book]  
12 Bodmin   Cornish Pasty Fly-in & Fun Day & 40th Anniv of SAH-1 [PPR] [moved from Aug 19]  
12 Henley-on-Thames Showground   Summer Fest with Air Show (inc BBMF)  
12 Three Counties Showground, Malvern   Proms Concert  
12-13 Blackpool   Sea Front Air Show (inc Red Arrows & BBMF)  
12-13 Rettendon, Essex   Echoes of History Show  
12-14 Whitby   Regatta inc Sea Front Airshow (inc Red Arrows 13 & BBMF)  
12-18 Cromer   Carnival Carnival Week (Sea Front Air Show 16) (inc Red Arrows 16)  
12-20 Husbands Bosworth   Gliding Challenge Cup  
13 Popham   Motor Cycle Mega Meet  
14 East Kirkby   Lincs AHC USAAF B-25 Photography Day  
17-20 Eastbourne   Airbourne Sea Front Air Show (inc Red Arrows & BBMF)  
18-20 Popham   LAA Grass Roots National Fly-in [PPR-slots]  
18-20 Perth   SAC Fly-in & Meet The LAA [PPR] [MOVED to Sept 1-3]  
18-20 Northampton Racecourse   Northampton Balloon Festival  
19 Bodmin   Cornish Pasty Fly-in & Fun Day & 40th Anniv of SAH-1 [PPR] [MOVED to Aug 12]  
19 Compton Abbas   Vintage Fly-in [PPR]  
19 Old Warden   Shuttleworth Flying Proms Evening Air Show [see AIC M010/2023 & Y020/2023] (inc BBMF)  
19 Stansted Park, Hants   Proms Concert  
19-20 Harrowbeer   1940s Weekend [No flying]  
19-27 Gransden Lodge   BGA Gliding Competitions  
20 Folkestone   Sea Front Air Show (inc Red Arrows)  
20 Weston-Super-Mare   Helicopter Museum World Helicopter Day  
20-29 Isle of Man   Manx Motorcycle Grand Prix [see AIC M033/2023]  
23-26 York Racecourse   Ebor Horse Race Meeting  
24-25 Clacton   Sea Front Air Show (inc Red Arrows & BBMF)  
24-26 Conington   BAeA Aerobatics Sport & Int Nationals [see AIC Y019/2023]  
25 Sidmouth   Sea Front Air Show (inc Red Arrows & BBMF)  
25-27 Strathaven   Balloon Festival  
25-27 Wingland nr Holbeach   Wingland Wacky Weekend [PPR]  
25-28 Bouth   NWBAC Balloon Meet  
26 Duxford   IWM Flying Evening [pre-book]  
26 Breighton   Summer BBQ Fly-in  
26 Henstridge   Wings & Wheels Show [PPR]  
26 Old Warden   VAC & Shuttleworth Fly-in [PPR] [see AIC Y020/2023]  
26 Abingdon   Balloon & Fireworks Festival  
26-27 Headcorn   Stampe Club Fly-in  
26-27 Rhyl   Sea Front Air Show (inc Red Arrows & BBMF)  
26-27 Montrose   SAC Fly-in  
27 Litttle Gransden   Air & Car Show  
27 Fenland   Wings & Wheels Open Day  
27-28 North Weald   Squadron Fighter Meet Air Show  
27-28 Uffington   White Horse Country Show (inc BBMF)  
28 East Kirkby   Lincs AHC Airfield 80th Anniv Event (inc BBMF)  
31-Sp 3 Bournemouth   Sea Front Air Festival (inc Red Arrows & BBMF)  
1-3 t.b.a.   LAA National Rally [PPR-slots] [MOVED to Aug 18-20]  
1-3 Perth   SAC Fly-in & Meet The LAA [PPR] [moved from Aug 18-20]  
1-3 Alderney   Alderney FC Fly-in [PPR]  
1-3 Chatsworth   Country Fair inc Airshow & Balloons  
2-3 Headcorn   Southern Model Air Show  
2-3 Popham   Model Show (closed to full-sized aircraft)  
3 Old Warden   Shuttleworth Bedfordshire Vintage Air Show [see AIC M010/2023 & Y020/2023]  
3 Sywell   Vintage Bus Rally  
7-11 Longleat   Sky Safari Balloon Meet  
8-9 Southport   Sea Front Air Show (inc BBMF & Red Arrows 9)  
8-10 Goodwood   Motor Circuit Revival Meeting  
8-17 Throughout England   Heritage Open Days  
9 Ayr   Sea Front Air Show (inc Red Arrows & BBMF)  
9 Sleap   Vintage Piper Aircraft Club Fly-in  
9 Bodmin   LAA Cornwall Strut Fly-in [PPR]  
9 Old Warden   VAC & De Havilland Fly-in [PPR] [see AIC Y020/2023]  
9-10 Largs   Viking Festival Finale Sea Front Air Show (inc BBMF)  
9-10 Woodford   Museum Wings & Wheels Show  
10 Bodmin   Cornwall Sports Car Club Drive in & Fly-in [PPR]  
10 Popham   Auster Fly-in  
10 Newcastle to South Shields   Great North Run (inc Red Arrows)  
14 Guernsey - St Peter Port   Guernsey BoB Sea Front Air Show (inc Red Arrows & BBMF)  
14 Jersey - St Aubyns Bay   Jersey BoB Sea Front Air Show (inc Red Arrows & BBMF)  
14-17 Doncaster Racecourse   St Leger Horse Race Meeting  
16 Compton Abbas   Vintage Fly-in [PPR]  
16 Sutton Meadows   Cambs MC Microlight Fly-in & BBQ [PPR]  
16 Bodmin   Bader Braves FOG Disabled Children's Day [PPR]  
16 Stow Maries   Large Model Air Show  
16-17 Duxford   IWM BoB Air Show [pre-book] (inc Red Arrows & BBMF)  
16-17 Leicester   BAeA Aerobatics Competition [see AIC Y019/2023]  
16-17 Weston-Super-Mare   Helicopter Museum Behind the Scenes Spotters Weekend  
16-17 Old Warden   Shuttleworth Model Festival of Flight Show [closed to visiting aircraft] [see AIC Y020/2023]  
17 Woodford   Museum Heritage Open Day  
22 East Kirkby   Lincs AHC Bomber County Photography Evening  
22-24 Lee-on-Solent   Victory Festival (town & airfield)  
23 Enstone North   LAA Oxford Strut Pie-in [PPR]  
23 Bradwell Bay   RAF Airfield Commem Event (inc BBMF)  
23-24 Sywell   Pistons & Props Show  
23-24 Compton Abbas   Pooley's Air Days Fly-in [PPR via Pooley's] [rescheduled from May 13-14]  
26-27 Excel, London   Helitech Trade Show  
29-Oc 1 Thirsk Racecourse   PRBA Balloon Meet  
1 Old Warden   Shuttleworth Wings & Wheels Show [see AIC M010/2023 & Y020/2023]  
3 BAWA, Filton   GASCo Safety Evening  
6 Popham   Southampton Hospital Charity Event  
6-7 Old Warden   Shuttleworth Night Photo Shoot  
7 Compton Abbas   Vintage Fly-in [PPR]  
8 Bicester   Sunday Scramble [PPR]  
8 Coventry   MAM Air Enthusiasts Fair  
12 Met Office, Exeter   GASCo Weather Decision Making Seminar  
13-15 Fishburn   PRBA Balloon Meet  
14 Duxford   IWM Flying Finale Air Show [pre-book]  
4 Sofitel Hotel, T5, Heathrow   Pilot Careers Exhibition [pre-book]  
12 Breighton   Remembrance Sunday Service  
19 Kempton Park Racecourse   Heathrow Air Enthusiasts Fair  

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