The Royal Aero Club
of the United Kingdom

  • We are the UK representative on the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, which is the World governing body of sport flying, and which controls World and other international Championships and the registration of World Records. It also has a major role in setting technical standards and negotiating with international official bodies. In consultation with our member organisations, we appoint the UK delegates to the various FAI Commissions.
  • We are the UK representative on Europe Air Sports, which is affiliated to the FAI and co-ordinates responses to legislation and regulation affecting recreational flying within the EU and more widely throughout Europe. In consultation with our member organisations, we appoint UK Technical Officers and Working Party Coordinators and Members.
  • We have established the Royal Aero Club Trust, which is a charity to provide resources for youth involvement, education, promotion of air sport, and the conservation of historically important items related to aviation.


Royal Aero Club News

  • RAeC Awards for 2012
    The Annual Awards Ceremony for 2012 was held at the RAF Club, Piccadilly, London on Tuesday 23rd April 2013. Further details are on the RAeC Awards for 2012 web page.
  • Winter 2012 RAeC Newsletter
    The Winter 2012 RAeC Newsletter is now available in pdf format.
  • Previous newsletters are also still available, see the index list at the bottom of this page.
  • Royal Aero Club Trust News

    Member Association News

    International News - Fédération Aéronautique Internationale & Europe Air Sports

  • Europe Airsports Newsletter
    The EAS organisation publishes about four newsletters a year containing important news on a variety of airsport regulatory issues. The current and several previous newsletters are available on the EAS website. Also on this page is a registration for you to receive the EAS newsletter directly by e-mail.
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    The Royal Aero Club

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